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Bank of America is committed to helping consumers meet all of their financial needs. Through industry-leading educational resources and access to local mortgage experts, homebuyers can feel confident knowing they're choosing the loan that's right for them, and that they're getting access to the best products and services Bank of America has to offer.

Conforming Loans

Bank of America offers a wide array of conforming fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) products to meet the financing needs of our borrowers. We offer various fixed and ARM product options that can help our customers achieve homeownership.

  • Various down payment options
  • Fixed-rate terms include 15-, 20-, and 30-year options
  • ARMs have 30-year terms and include 5-, 7- and 10-year fixed-period optionsFootnote 1

Homebuyer resources

The more homebuyers know and understand, the better are their chances of sustainably owning a home. Here are online and downloadable resources you can share with your clients, as well as links to resources for agents.

Better Money Habits®

Help clients build Better Money Habits® with short, easy-to-understand videos about budgeting, saving and home buying.

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Home Loan Navigator™

This interactive online tool keeps your clients up to date on the status of their home loan application, allows them to upload and sign certain documents electronically, and more.

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Down Payment Resource Center

This online tool can help clients find down payment and cost savings programs to help make buying a home more affordable.Footnote 10

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Home Loan Resources

Online resources and tools to help homebuyers understand the steps involved in purchasing or refinancing a home.

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Connect to Own®

The Connect to Own program delivers in-depth, in-person homebuyer education and financial counseling.

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Bank of America Real Estate Center®

Homebuyers can conduct customized real estate searches from an extensive database of existing, new and bank-owned properties.

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  1. For Adjustable Rate Mortgage loans, after the initial fixed period, rate and payment adjust annually.
  2. Available for fixed-rate purchase loans with terms of 25 or 30 years and on primary residences only. Certain property types are ineligible. Borrower(s) must not have an individual or joint ownership interest in any other residential property at time of closing. Maximum purchase loan-to-value is 97% and maximum combined purchase loan-to-value is 103%. For loan-to-values >95% any secondary financing must be from an approved Community Second Program; ask for details. Homebuyer education may be required. Restrictions apply regarding co-borrowers. Maximum income and loan amount limits apply.
  3. Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premiums (MIP) and Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premiums (UFMIP) apply. Maximum loan amounts vary by county.
  4. VA loans require a VA funding fee at closing. The fee is higher with a zero down payment, and maximum loan limits vary by county. If a down payment of 5% or more is made, the fee is reduced. The VA funding fee is non-refundable. Ask for details about eligibility, documentation and other requirements.
  5. Minimum down payment requirements vary by property type and location. Loan amount, interest-only payment option, loan-to-value percentage, property and/or occupancy type may require a higher level of reserves and/or post-closing liquidity. Two separate full appraisals may be required. Excellent credit required, including proof of recent consistent housing payment history. Not available on all loan programs. Other restrictions apply, ask for details.
  6. An applicant must have, or open prior to closing, a checking or savings account with Bank of America®. Applicants with an existing account with Merrill Edge®, Merril Lynch® or U.S. Trust prior to application also satisfy this requirement. Medical professional (MD, DDS, DMD, OD, DPM, DO, residents, and students whose employment begins within 60 days of closing) must be actively practicing in their field of expertise. Those employed in research or as professors are not eligible. For qualified borrowers with excellent credit. PITIA (Principal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance, Assessments) reserves of 4-6 months are required, depending on loan amount. Other restrictions apply.
  7. Minimum down payment requirements vary by property type and location; ask for details.
  8. If applicant's employment does not commence until after closing, sufficient reserves to handle all debt obligations between closing and employment start date + 30 days must be verified.
  9. Additional documentation required.
  10. Down payment and/or closing cost assistance programs may not be available in your area. Down payment and/or closing cost assistance amount may be due upon sale, refinance, transfer, repayment of the loan, or if the senior mortgage is assumed during the term of the loan. Some programs require repayment with interest and borrowers should become fully informed prior to closing. Not all applicants will qualify. Minimum credit scores may apply. Sales price restrictions and income requirements may apply. Homebuyer education may be required. Owner-occupied properties only. Maximum loan amounts may apply.

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